The Best Manifestation Methods For Beginner and Busy Manifestors

Learning how to manifest more effectively can really transform your life. Being able to experience your desires is an incredible feeling; almost like changing your world from black and white, to vibrant color. But if you’re new to the world of manifesting or simply don’t have much time in your day, trying to strengthen your manifestation skills through practice and consistency may seem almost impossible.

When I was first learning how to manifest, I found myself feeling very overwhelmed. At the time, I didn’t realize that the manifestation techniques I was using were too advanced and time-consuming. I felt frustrated! Was I doing the techniques correctly? Why wasn’t I getting results? Why is manifesting so complicated? These are the questions I often asked myself. I felt lied to and like I was wasting my time and energy. Shouldn’t I have manifested partying on a luxury yacht by now? Wasn’t manifestation supposed to be easy and fun?

Then a light bulb went off and I finally realized that I was doing too much, too soon. (What can I say, I’m an Aries Sun AND Moon)

So I took some deep breaths, regrouped, and decided to practice manifestation methods that were more beginner-friendly and did not require a lot of time. When I began to use these methods, I started to see RESULTS. My desires were latching onto me like a moth to a flame, like a bee to honey, like “insert other cliche metaphor here”. I thought, “damn, is this how Rihanna feels?” (Let’s be real, she’s a manifestation QUEEN). This gave me the confidence and motivation to stick with these methods and continue building on them. Having mastered these techniques, I was then able to move on to more advanced ones. Starting small and taking it slow is key to advancing your manifestation skills and not experiencing burnout.

To save you some time and energy, I’ve compiled a list of manifestation techniques that I found require the least amount of time and effort. These are some effective methods that I continue to use; they work like a charm! Simply pick the technique(s) that you’d like to try or that vibes with you. You’ll quickly see that you don’t need to practice a million techniques or spend hours trying to manifest. You can get incredible results from a simple and quick manifestation routine.


Affirmations are a simple way to manifest your goals and desires. Best of all, they require very little time and effort. You can say your affirmations out loud, listen to them or even write them down. All three ways work wonderfully.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that put you in control of your thoughts and your life. They are statements that convey who you want to be or what you want to have. For example, if I want to be a talented singer, I could affirm something like “I am such an amazing singer”, “I absolutely love the way that my singing voice sounds”, “People are always complimenting me on my beautiful singing voice”, etc. These statements all convey that I am now THAT GIRL when it comes to singing. Soon, your mind will accept these statements as true and your life will change!

Why do affirmations work?

Because your thoughts and statements hold energy. They help to create your reality. If you think and speak positivity over your life, then positivity is what you’ll experience. The same goes for negativity. If you don’t have time to create your own affirmations, you can look on YouTube and search for affirmation tracks to listen to. There are some amazing YouTubers who’ve created some effective tracks that you can listen to during the day or while you’re sleeping.

There are affirmation tracks for just about anything you can imagine – love, money, weight loss, weight gain, beauty, career, etc. I’ve practically listened to them all! Just search for the topic you’re looking for and pick a YouTube video that resonates with you. If you don’t want to use YouTube, you can download an affirmation app instead.


Subliminals are another great and easy way to manifest your desires. Why? Because you don’t need to do anything! I definitely have my lazy moments, so I LOVE a good ‘ole subliminal. The only thing you need to do is 1. find a subliminal that you want to listen to and 2. listen consistently.

What are subliminals?

Subliminals are tracks that include affirmations that are either difficult to understand or masked by music/sound. The affirmations are typically sped up, reversed, layered on top of one another, or lowered so that they cannot be heard; they are below conscious perception and are only accessible to the subconscious mind.

Why is this done? Well, you have two parts of your mind – the subconscious and the conscious. Your subconscious holds all of your deep-rooted beliefs, while your conscious mind controls your logic and reasoning. Every belief that you hold in your subconscious will eventually come true. It controls what you experience in your life. This is why your conscious mind tries to guard it. It can try to stop certain thoughts and beliefs from being planted in your subconscious.

So if someone tells you that you’re slim, but you’re actually overweight, your conscious mind will say “What are you saying? That’s literally not true at all”. But if someone tells you that you’re slim and your conscious mind can’t process it, then your conscious mind can’t oppose it. Your logical reasoning will be on vacay. Your subconscious mind will say, “hmm, this is intriguing. Tell me more.” And after a bit of convincing, your subconscious will say “you know what? You’re absolutely right. I’m a slim, skinny baddie.” Your body and mindset will then start to reflect that of a slim person. The fact that the listener’s conscious mind cannot reject the affirmations since it cannot process them is essentially why subliminals are so effective.

Subliminals help to destroy the listener’s negative subconscious beliefs and replace them with positive ones. As a result, the listener will see these new positive beliefs reflected in their reality, meaning, they will begin to experience the life they desire. A person who has difficulty making friends has negative subconscious thoughts and beliefs around friendship. To fix this, the person could listen to a subliminal for friendship which may include affirmations such as “I am always being invited to events by people who really like me”, “I have a lot of genuine friends who communicate with me every day”, “people love my personality”, “I always attract genuine people into my life”, etc.

How to use subliminals

To begin the process of listening to a subliminal, you can search on youtube for a subliminal topic that you’re interested in. If, for example, you want to manifest more money into your life, you can search for “money subliminal”. Then you would just look through the results and figure out which one you want to listen to.

If you don’t feel comfortable listening to ones on YouTube, you can search online for a trained hypnotherapist or neuro-linguistic programmer (NLP) and buy one of their subliminals. George Hutton and Paul Scheele are some veterans in the field who have great products. After you decide on a subliminal, you would simply start listening to it consistently. I usually listen to subliminals overnight and sometimes during the day. You can also listen to subliminals while you do other things; I’ve oftentimes listened to subliminals at work and while I am reading things online.

Now you need to listen to the subliminal for at least 21 days. A common mistake that people make is that they do not listen to subliminals for long enough or are inconsistent with their listening. A person may start listening to one money subliminal for 2 days, but then stop listening to it and switch to a different money subliminal for a week and then stop listening again. And then they wonder why they only got minimal results or no results at all.

Time is needed for the affirmations to be fully ingrained and take hold in your subconscious. Your life will begin to reflect the affirmation once it is fully planted in your subconscious. A new thought or belief usually takes 21 days to be planted in the subconscious, and while you can definitely see results of your manifestation before this time, you should keep listening if you want the belief to last. The magic begins once the new belief is fully planted!


Scripting is simply the process of writing out affirmations as opposed to speaking them or listening to them. Why can scripting be so effective? Because when your pen hits the paper, your focus becomes totally consumed with the words you’re writing. Your brain starts to repeat these words and clearly paint the picture in your mind. Everything around you begins to fade out of view. For a moment, the words on the paper transport you to your dream life. Your heart rate starts to increase and you start to feel excited and grateful, as though what you’re writing is already yours. You can FEEL it. You can feel this amazing life and it’s completely in reach. This process is incredible and I’ve manifested some amazing things just by writing them down in a journal.

I also love scripting because you can write your affirmations in different formats. I sometimes script my desires in a story or scene format. For example, if I’m trying to manifest friendship, I may script something like this: “My phone has been blowing up lately! So many people are reaching out to me and inviting me to different events. It’s a little insane how popular I am; people really love spending time with me. And why wouldn’t they? I’m super fun and an amazing friend. Positivity and good vibes drip from every essence of my being”. Scripting is what you make it; Allow your creativity to take hold!


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Guided meditations are also great for the beginner or busy manifestor because, well, they guide you and can speed up the meditation process. If you’re new to meditating or if you’re pressed for time, trying to get into a deep meditative state on your own can be difficult. When you’re new to the practice, it can be difficult to even know where to start or how to do it “properly”. Do I focus on my breath? Do I just lay there and visualize nothing? How should I be feeling? How long do I have to lay here?

A guided meditation guides you through this so that you don’t waste a lot of time trying to do it on your own. This is good practice and once you feel comfortable with guided meditations, you can start meditating on your own. Guided meditations are also time-efficient because if you only have 15 minutes a day to put towards meditating, you can simply find a guided meditation that is only 15 minutes long.

How can (guided) meditation and binaural beats be used for manifestation?

Well, meditation allows you to take time away from your daily life and look within. Daily life can be stressful and we can often experience things that we don’t like, that we wish weren’t happening. Meditation allows you to tune this out, to decompress, and to focus on what you WANT to be happening in your reality. It allows you to visualize your desires and come into alignment with them. By visualizing something enough times, it becomes ingrained in your subconscious and manifests itself in your reality. Guided meditations can help you to better focus on your manifestation goals by giving you prompts and direction. 

While binaural beats do not guide you, they contain frequencies that help you to manifest your desires. There are different frequencies within the universe that correspond with different things i.e. wealth, love, beauty, calmness, healing, spiritual awakening, astral projecting, etc. So when you listen to binaural beats for what you are trying to manifest, your body aligns with this frequency and opens up opportunities that will lead you to your desire.

Energy resides in the body and sometimes, this energy can be stagnant or blocked. Binaural beats can help this energy to flow better and release blockages for what you’re trying to manifest. I love binaural beats because they’re similar to subliminals in that you can listen during the day, while you’re sleeping, and even while you are doing other things. They’re really powerful and I’ve had wonderful results with them, particularly the ones that have to do with healing.

You can go on Youtube, search for the topic you’re looking for i.e. “attract love binaural beats” or “attract love guided meditation” and pick the one that seems best suited for you. You can also listen to binaural beats and guided meditations on various apps (i.e. Headspace, Insight Timer, Balance) or even find some to buy if you don’t want to use the ones on Youtube. I highly recommend giving them a try!


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Vision boards are one of my favorite manifestation methods because they allow me to tap into my creativity. To create a vision board, all you need to do is print out pictures that symbolize where you want to be in life and/or who you want to be and paste them on a board. You can include quotes, pictures from magazines, pictures you found online, drawings, anything you want really; what you want to include on your vision board is totally up to you.

If you don’t want to create a physical board, you could create a digital vision board instead. To create it, you can use Canva, Pinterest, or a similar app/website of your choosing. Once you’ve made your vision board, all you need to do is look at it every day and tell yourself that this is your life. If you can’t look at it every day, that’s okay, but you should try to look at it as often as possible.

Now this part is key – when you look at it you need to conjure up feelings of excitement and gratitude. You need to trick your mind and your body into believing that you already have this life. Don’t hope and wish for it. For example, if you have pictures of a house you’d love to own on your vision board, when you look at it, you can say/think things like “I am so thankful to have this beautiful home”, “Look at this beautiful home I have, I love it so much”, etc.

Looking at your vision board and feeling as though you’re already living that life will bring that life to you. Opportunities will start to open up for you and put you on that path. I also recommend doing this exercise of looking at your vision board and feeling gratitude right before you go to bed. This is because when you’re falling asleep, your brain waves are in a state that allows things to permeate your subconscious easier. And once something is in your subconscious, it’ll show up in your physical world.

So, there you have it! Five quick and easy manifestation techniques for newbies and those who don’t have a lot of time in their day. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these methods and what kind of results you’ve received! Happy manifesting!

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