Elemental Manifesting: Using Water Affirmations to Manifest Your Desires

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In Western culture, there are four main elements that we believe are essential to life – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. They enrich our planet and are right at our fingertips – the dirt and soil in our back and front yards, the flickering flame of our lighter and stovetop, the nourishing lakes, rivers and oceans that run through our neighborhoods, and the strong wind we feel across our faces on a cold, stormy night. Not only do these elements give us the nourishment we need to survive, but they also have incredible benefits and powers that we can use to supercharge our manifestations.

In this blog post, I discuss how water can be used to manifest and talk about the specific technique of using affirmations with water. I will also start using water affirmations in my own daily practice and update you all with my results.

Why Water?

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For a while now, I’ve heard that people have used water to manifest incredible things and even heal their bodies. Naturally, I’m very intrigued about the supposed power of water in manifestation. I want to see what all of the hype is about!

Up until now, I have mainly refrained from using any elements in my manifestations, and when I have used an element, it has almost always been fire. I also want to use more water in my manifestation practice because while I have a lot of fire in my astrological natal chart, I have slightly more water. I have recently gotten more into astrology and have learned that utilizing the dominant elements in your natal chart can help with your manifestations.

In 1994, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, conducted a study where he exposed different samples of water to different words for a certain period of time. Some samples were exposed to loving, benevolent, and compassionate words such as “love” and “thank you”, while other samples were exposed to negative, fearful, and discordant words such as, “I hate you”. He documented his findings in his New York Times Bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water. He then froze the water and used Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high-speed photographs to observe the effects that these words had on the water.

He found that the water samples exposed to the loving, benevolent, and compassionate words had aesthetically pleasing physical molecular formations – the molecules almost looked like beautiful crystals! On the opposite side, he found that the water samples exposed to negative, fearful, and discordant words had physical molecular formations that looked disconnected, disfigured, and unpleasant – the molecules looked as if they were sick.

Dr Masaru Emoto Water consciousness
Thank You Emoto Water Crystals

These findings are pretty incredible and they show that water absorbs whatever energy you give it. Religious institutions have also been doing this for centuries by praying over water to bless it before it is given to or poured over someone. So what does this mean? If we ingest water that’s of a high vibration and filled with positive energy, could this change our own energy field? If we speak affirmations of what we want to manifest into water and then drink this water, could it change our energy field, help us to match the vibration of our desire and help us manifest? Apparently, yes.

Water is one of the best ways to transmit information and energy inside us because we drink it every day and because our body is comprised of 50 to 75 percent water. Since we are made of water, our bodies will definitely respond to the information carried by water. Therefore, to program yourself for positive changes, absorb positive words by sending messages in the water that you drink. The properties of water also allow it to reach every cell in our body to deliver this information.

Programming Your Water with Affirmations

There are several ways that you can program your water with affirmations, energy, and intention.

Water Programming #1: General Programming

1. Pour water into a glass or cup.
2. Sit in a comfortable position.
3. Look into the water.
4. State your affirmation and visualize the outcome of what you want to manifest. Do this for 15 minutes. Focus your thought and intention into the water so that the water may carry them. Don’t just state your affirmations robotically. Really try to feel what you’re saying. Feel as though you are really injecting energy into the water because that’s exactly what you’re doing.
5. Once you have finished stating your affirmation, drink the water. You can also let your water charge overnight and drink it at a later time.

Water Programming #2: Writing

Another way to program your water is to write a word or phrase that summarizes what you’re trying to manifest on a piece of paper and then tape this paper to the glass. This is also from Dr. Emoto’s study; he found that simply typing words on pieces of paper and sticking them to their container overnight also affected the water.

If you don’t want to say affirmations over your water or simply don’t have time, you can write words on paper and paste them to the container. Make sure that the words are facing inwards so that the water can read them. Let this water charge overnight.

Some examples of what you can write are “more money”, “clear skin”, “healthy relationship”, “peaceful life”, “loving friendships”, “calm mindset”, “love and gratitude”.

In Emoto’s experiments, I’m not sure if he used anything longer than 2 words for the pieces of paper to be stuck onto the container. Still, I do not see it a problem if you want to use a longer phrase or sentence. However, it is best to make your phrase or sentence for water programming snappy!

Water Programming #3: Heal With The Power of Prayer

If you are a religious person or if prayers and mantras resonate with you, you can also recite a prayer or mantra over your water. However, when reciting your prayer, try to recite it in the past tense. For example, instead of saying “I pray that God will heal my body”, you can say “thank you God for healing my body. I am so grateful to you”. This is because Emoto found, you can send stronger energy by reciting prayers in the past tense rather than in the future tense. “I hope my mother’s cancer will be cured” has been found to be less effective than “My mother’s cancer was cured”.

If you can, try to recite your prayers continuously for 15 minutes. You can search up prayers that are the most relevant to what you are trying to manifest or you can even create some yourself.

Buddhist Prayer Emoto Water experiment

Water Programming #4: Use The Power of Music

Dr. Emoto also found that water responds to music. If you prefer, you can play music to your water. Just make sure that the music you select has the message or symbolizes the message you want to send to the water.


I plan to do three experiments to see which way of using water to manifest works best for me. I will do these 4 experiments for a week straight – 7 days – and see what results I get. If I don’t get any results within the week, I will still monitor what happens months from now to see if any of my desires manifest.

  1. I will pour a glass of water and state the affirmation “someone asks me to go to lunch with them” into the water for 10 minutes. I will then drink the water.
  2. I will pour a glass of water and state the affirmation “someone tells me they had a dream about me” for 10 minutes. I will then put this glass in the fridge overnight and drink it in the morning.
  3. I will write “I receive an extra $100” on a piece of paper and tape this paper to a glass of water. I will then put this glass in the fridge overnight and drink it in the morning.
  4. I will play the song “Material Girl” by Saucy Santana to a glass of water for 10 minutes and then drink the water. This song represents someone who has an expensive, spoiled, and luxurious lifestyle. It’ll be interesting to see if playing this song to water will change anything in my life.

I’m excited to start using the elements in my manifestations and seeing what kind of results I’ll get, if any. Have you ever used water to manifest? Let me know in the comments below! Can’t wait to update you all.

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