Magick Spell: Reverse Negative Situations with an Ammonia Jar

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I don’t know about you, but I love it when things go my way. And I love it when things in my life are smooth and peaceful. What can I say, I’m addicted to luck, abundance, and living an easy life. Luckily there’s a magick spell you can do that’ll help you make things go smoother in your life. It’s simple, doesn’t deal with spirits, requires very few materials, and best of all, it’s effective.

In this blog post, I’ll tell you all you need to know about ammonia jars, how to do an ammonia jar spell yourself, and my experience with them.

What is an Ammonia Jar Spell?

An ammonia jar spell is a hoodoo spell done with the purpose of reversing a negative situation. It is said to turn things around and therefore, it will make any situation turn around in your favor. Hoodoo is African American folk magic that is primarily practiced in the south and is a blend of traditional African religions, Christianity, Islam, and Spiritualism. When enslaved Africans were brought over to the United States, they had to conceal their African spiritual beliefs for fear of punishment by white slaveowners and so they added Christianity in order to hide what they were actually doing. The history of Hoodoo is extremely interesting, profound, and empowering.

On that note, I suggest that you do some research on Hoodoo to expand your magical knowledge. Also, if you are not African-American, please be respectful when doing this spell. You should always be respectful when doing any type of magic, especially a magickal system that you’re not culturally a part of.

Ammonia Jar Instructions and Materials

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To do this spell, you’ll need five things:

  1. A jar with a lid
  2. Ammonia
  3. A piece of paper
  4. A pen or marker
  5. Tape

Disclaimer: please be careful when using the Ammonia in this spell. All you’ll need to do is pour it in the jar, but please make sure that your hands aren’t exposed and that your eyes are protected. When you’re not using it, keep the lid on tight and store it in a safe place. I keep it in my garage.

For the best results for this spell, try to do it during the hour of Saturn. Saturn is associated with protection and shielding. Its force also slows down and calms chaotic events and gives endurance. You can use this planetary hours clock to figure out when Saturn hour is on the day that you plan to do the spell (it changes every day): Planetary Hours

First, you’re going to take your piece of paper, tear it away from you and turn the paper to the left. You’re going to do this four times until you have a small piece of paper and all four sides are torn. You’re doing it this way because in magick, when you want to get rid of something, you always move it away from you. When you want to attract something, you bring it towards you. We want to reverse this situation so we’re tearing it away.

This is how you should tear the paper:

Credit for this gif: Hoodoo Delish’s Ammonia Jar Video – Traditional Hoodoo Ammonia Jar – Reverses Situations – YouTube

Now write down the situation that you want to reverse on the piece of paper. Some examples are: “acne”, “mean co-workers”, “low business sales”. Take your time and really think about the best word or phrase to describe your current situation. Be as specific as possible and make sure that the opposite of what you write down is what you want to happen. For example, the opposite of “acne” is “no acne” or “clear skin”. The opposite of “mean co-workers” is “nice coworkers”. “Low business sales”, “high business sales”. Really take your time with this step.

Once you write down the current situation that you want to reverse, you’re going to fold the paper away from you three times. Then you’re going to tape the paper to the inside of the lid. Next, pour the ammonia into the jar. You don’t need to fill it up all the way; you can fill it up halfway. Remember to be careful when pouring the ammonia!

Next, you’re going to imagine that your situation is reversed. You’re going to imagine how it would feel if things were going the way you want them to. Then you’re going to meditate with your ammonia jar for a bit and really feel that your situation has turned around. Meditate until you feel good about it; follow your intuition.

Then, you’re going to put the lid on the jar. Make sure that it’s on completely and on tight! If you have a garbage bag, you can put the jar inside and then place it in your closet, upside down. If you don’t have a garbage bag, that’s fine too; that step is optional. Simply place the ammonia jar upside down in your closet or in a dark place where you won’t see it. Once you’ve done all of this, your ammonia jar spell is complete!

My Ammonia Jar Experience

So far, I’ve done an ammonia jar spell exactly one time and it worked like a charm! I honestly wish I had utilized this method of magick much earlier! I had a situation at work that was taking a long time to resolve and I felt kind of desperate about it. So I started looking online to see what kind of spell I could do to reverse the energy, which is how I stumbled upon the ammonia jar method. I had heard of ammonia jar spells before and totally forgot about them and I realized that this was a perfect situation to do one.

I didn’t have any ammonia, so I went to the dollar store and bought some. Then I did the spell following the exact same steps that I outlined for you (except I didn’t put my jar in a garbage bag). I did it right before I went to work because I had some extra time and I kid you not, the situation was resolved the same day. The energy at work has completely reversed and I did the spell about a month ago.

After I completed the spell, I realized that I didn’t check when Saturn hour was that day. So I decided to pull up the planetary hours calculator and look just out of curiosity. Somehow, the time I completed the spell at fell within the day’s Saturn hour! This convinced me that the universe was trying to tell me that Ammonia jars are a really effective method for me and I should do them more often, when needed.

I hope that you found this post helpful and that you use ammonia jars in your magickal practice. Have you ever used ammonia jars in your magickal practice? If you have or if you end up using it in the future, let me know your results in the comments below!

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