For the majority of my life, I moved through the world the way that most people do, believing that the things that happen in our lives are due to either hard work or luck and sometimes, a little bit of both. I saw so many instances where people who worked hard flourished, but I also saw just as many instances where people who worked hard failed. A person could study for hours and still fail a test, while another could barely study at all and pass with ease. 

Some people had easy lives where wonderful things practically latched onto them, while others had to work really hard to only maybe get what they wanted out of life. Some people were simply blessed with faster metabolisms, more charisma, better romantic prospects and there was nothing any of us could do about it; if you were lucky, you just were and that’s just the way that life is.

Or so I thought.

Then I discovered that the ability to live an easy, “lucky” life and achieve our dreams is something that we actually have total control of. We can absolutely live a life where things just fall into place and opportunities are abundant. And not just by the way of hard work, but with our thoughts, beliefs, and energy. Those thoughts and beliefs that constantly run through your mind and the feelings/energy that you emit, they all power your life. 

Those people who seem extremely lucky in life, who are confident and seem to always get what they want, they live those lives because they BELIEVE they deserve them. They THINK positive things about themselves. I know this sounds cliche and over-simplified but it’s absolutely true. Those people truly, in their hardest of hearts, subconsciously BELIEVE that things work out for them, that people love them, that they deserve money, that they’re attractive, that they can accomplish anything with ease, etc. 

Look at someone like Drake. I like Drake, but there are many times where I found him to be annoying and over the top because he was SO confident. Like obnoxiously so. But guess what? He stays winning because you can tell that he TRULY believes he deserves to win. From the way that he carries himself, to his song lyrics and Instagram captions, as corny as I often find it all to be, you can just TELL he thinks extremely highly of himself. His music always sells well, his clothing brand sells well, he has millions of fans, he has millions of Instagram followers, he’s extremely wealthy, he overall has a good image for a celebrity. Even when he has a “setback”, he overcomes it pretty quickly and it doesn’t seem to impact him much.

People used to clown Drake and say that he wasn’t really a rapper and that he was soft. Lots of people didn’t take him seriously. But he literally did not care, he always kept going and only spoke POSITIVITY over and into his life. He constantly talks about how he’s the best, how he can accomplish whatever he wants, how he’s living the life of his dreams and that’s it. Again, I know it sounds cliche but these type of thoughts, beliefs, and energy are what EVERY successful person has in common. 

And I’m not saying that you need to be obnoxiously confident or that you need to feel positive all the time and can never feel sad or angry. It’s important to let out your emotions and be kind to yourself about whatever it is that you’re feeling. However, it’s important not to let your energy stay stuck in a negative mindset. 

Everyone has off days, but when things don’t seem to be going your way, you must push forward. Why? Because you can always change what seems to be going wrong. Your boss may be rude and extremely demanding today, but you can mold your reality to where they’re now kind and relaxed and treat you wonderfully.

How do I know all this?

 At the end of high school, my friend showed me a documentary called The Secret, which talked about manifestation and the law of attraction. It stated that every single one of us attracts things into our lives with our thoughts and beliefs; if we believe something strongly enough and focus on it, it will come. 

I found the documentary to be interesting at the time and somewhat inspiring, but I still had some skepticism. And because of that skepticism, I didn’t start actively practicing manifestation for quite some time. Then in 2017, many manifestation, binaural beat, subliminal, and meditation accounts were beginning to gain a following. I happened to stumble upon “aesthetic” subliminals. 

These subliminal channels had thumbnails and videos of pretty girls and celebrities like Ariana Grande paired with cute pop and hip hop songs. They claimed to do things like grow your hair, make you more beautiful, attract men and so on. I had heard about subliminal messaging from the psychology classes I had taken, but I didn’t know that you could literally hide a bunch of sentences about what you wanted out of life under music, listen to this, and then actually experience changes in your life. I decided to listen just for fun and because I liked the vibe; I wasn’t expecting for much to happen. I listened, started to feel much better about myself, began to physically become more beautiful, and in turn, fell down a rabbit hole about all things manifestation.

I did a lot of research and as I became more open-minded, I began to buy crystals and listen to meditation videos and binaural beats. Due to all of these things I was trying, I began to attract money, people were treating me nicer, people were drawn to me, more men wanted to date me, life felt calmer, my intuition was becoming sharper and the list goes on.

I experimented so much and started to see that manifestation is REAL. That what I visualize, what I focus on, what I write down, what I believe, what I affirm, what I feel, it all comes true. It all happens. And now, not only do I know that our lives are determined by our thoughts, beliefs, and energy, I also know that we can change practically anything we want, even things that seem unchangeable; hair texture, health, money, your boss’ attitude towards you, the weather, getting your ex to want you again, ALL of it can be changed with the mind.

You see, everything in this world is moldable, bendable…all by the power of manifestation. And the true beauty of manifestation is that there are so many ways to do it; there are so many different paths one can explore in order to see which way(s) of manifesting they like the best. Many people don’t know this, but spellwork/witchcraft, meditation, mantras, scripting, subliminals, affirmations, these are ALL ways in which someone can bend and mold their reality. 

And while I am glad that all of these different methods have become much more accessible and known, the vastness and mainstream popularity of manifestation has a downside as well. Because manifestation and “new age spirituality” have become so popular over the past decade, there are tons of people trying to capitalize off of it. Even though I have been actively manifesting since 2017, I sometimes find myself getting seriously overwhelmed. When I go on Youtube, Tik Tok, or anywhere on the internet really, it seems like there’s always a NEW, AMAZING and FAST manifestation method popping up. From scripting to subliminals to the 369 method to SATS, EFT, meditation, affirmations, mental diet, I mean, I’m honestly getting tired just by typing all of these. The list seems infinite.

I always tell myself that I want to consistently practice a technique so that I can master it, but as we all know, life gets busy. And as soon as I start one manifestation technique or book, I find myself wanting to try another one as well. I’m like a product junkie but for manifestation methods. So I decided, why don’t I commit to testing out all of these different manifestation techniques and record my progress to see which ones have truly given me the best results?

This blog will hold me accountable in seeing just how much I am able to level up my life by mastering these different manifestation techniques. And it will push me to stay focused so that I can actually master them as opposed to just trying one for a few days. We’ll see the exact steps I took for each method and which methods gave me great results. Which ones did I fail at? And why do I think I failed? Which ones gave me the quickest results and which ones only gave me partial results? This blog will keep track of alllll of that. It’ll also serve to give me some motivation and cuteaesthetics.

I love manifestation because it has truly shown me that we are limitless. I am a limitless girl.I hope that by following my journey you will feel inspired to continue on your own manifestation journey and maybe try some techniques that you hadn’t tried before. I hope that you can learn from what I do and get some specific information on how to manifest more precisely so that you can better manifest your desires. Or maybe just stay for the cute music and pretty vibes.

Follow my journey and become limitless with me.



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I first learned about manifestation in 2012, but I didn’t start actively practicing it until 2017.

Subliminals, crystals, meditation/binaural beats, astrology & spellwork

Desired beauty, desired body, money, communication from specific people, friendships with specific people, specific job, amazing social life, healthy relationship, easy life, beginning to open up psychic abilities/intuition

I don’t belong to one religion per say; I consider myself to be more of a spiritual person. However, parts of Christianity and Buddhism resonate with me and I am very intrigued by Santeria and African traditional religions in general.

Yes, by accident. I was listening to a binaural beat track while I was sleeping and I had an encounter with an entity in the Astral realm. I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but when I woke up I instantly knew. It feels much different than dreaming; it was a different state of consciousness than when I was dreaming.

Yes, once by accident. I was listening to a binaural beat track while I was sleeping and I felt myself getting out of bed and walking around my room; I was so sure that I was awake! Then, when I actually woke up, I was super confused! I thought I had already woken up and it honestly spooked me a bit. 

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